Ananse Y La Luna rebirths as Elephant Underwater with new music video

The forest has been our friend here in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca during the coronavirus lockdown. Anisha Aiyappa AKA Ananse Y La Luna can now add another “Also Known As” to that title – ELEPHANT UNDERWATER – as she floats her life and music to deeper levels. She has been busy making videos in caves and playing music in forests and has launched a new blog, Soundcloud channel and YouTube channel!

From her album Tengo Que Cantar comes a brand new free single and music video shot here in the mountains and edited by Adrian Landeros, a filmmaker we are lucky to have as a neighbour.

Check it out, THIS. WILL. TAKE. YOU. PLACES! Contains nudity.

Get the album Tengo Que Cantar by Ananse Y La Luna AKA Elephant Underwater here!


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Oaxaca Album Release Tour

This mini-tour, where Ananse Y La Luna and Martin are joined by Barba Mutante and VJ Psiilo, marks the initiation of several projects rolled into one:

  • The release of Ananse Y La Luna’s new album Tengo Que Cantar.
  • The release of Martin’s new album Norge På Langs
  • The first public performance of the new musicians’ collective Salvajes
  • The launch of the brand new record label Sylvan Sound

The show includes tracks from the two albums, recorded tracks with a visual show and brand new tracks from the collective.

Dates have been confirmed in October in Oaxaca City, Mexico, and up in the Sierra Sur mountains in San Jose Del Pacifico and San Mateo Rio Hondo.

Double album release!

We celebrate the launch of Sylvan Sound with a double album release:

Ananse Y La Luna’s intensely personal yet rooted in world traditions Tengo Que Cantar (“I must sing”)

… and Martin’s modern take on Norwegian traditional music in Norge På Langs (“Norway Lengthwise”)

Listen to the free singles: Abeja by Ananse Y La Luna and Hei Fara by Martin:

  1. Abeja Ananse Y La Luna 3:43
  2. Hei Fara Martin 4:37

Go to the shop to get your downloads!