For Artists

How to join Sylvan Sound

If you are an artist with a life path that fits into the Sylvan Sound philosophy and your music rocks on some level and you have decent quality recordings, you might want to consider using Sylvan Sound as one of hopefully many outlets. If you want to raise money for specific projects through your music, even better.

We are not a “record label” in the traditional sense – there is no contract to sign and we do not ask for any kind of exclusivity (we actually encourage you to use a variety of avenues of distribution!). We operate on trust and we don’t exist in the legal world (which makes you responsible for the payment of your own taxes).

Financial gain is not our primary motive. Supporting worthy artists and projects and being part of cultural change on earth is.

We can discuss whether we will add your music to our free or paid channels (free is for sure easier as no accounting is necessary). We will charge a small percentage if we offer your music for sale, and we might waive that percentage if 100% of your income supports a worthy project.

If both parties wish, we can use some of your income to launch your album on a plethora of download and streaming platforms on the internet.

Sylvan Sound will promote your music through our limited channels but don’t expect miracles, self-promotion is essential.

You will have to have a bank account or Paypal in order for us to transfer money to you.

In time, Sylvan Sound might launch a platform where our artists can connect and support each others’ collaborative projects – and in this way truly become a “musical family”. And in special cases, the Sylvan Sound Temple recording studio in Oaxaca, Mexico, might be of use to you.

Please use the form below to tell us about yourself and why you see yourself as a Sylvan Sound artist – the more context you give us the better, don’t be shy! Add a link to your music on your google drive, soundcloud or whatever.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Every message will get a reply whenever we have the time to do so, please forgive any delay.