Sylvan Sound is an ancient call from the heart of the forest.

We are a collection of alternative artivists which by some stretch of the imagination might be called an independent record label.

“Alternative” is for us something far beyond a musical genre. This word describes artists who not only dare to envision a bright new planetary future of caring and sharing but who have taken active steps away from mainstream fear-based reality to embrace a conscious path that values all life. We join hands in the creation of a new universal story about the nature of humanity and the kind of planet we will pass on to our children.

On such a level, life is art and art is life. Music could be a key ingredient in the cultural, spiritual and ecological revolution Mother Earth is yearning for. Music could have a purpose.

Welcome home, fellow traveller of mysterious paths.

Beyond being an excellent musician with an original voice, a Sylvan Sound artist might be a sustainable community builder, political activist, permaculture farmer, social worker, intergalactic spiritual traveller, egalitarian eco-warrior, libertarian libido-liberator, hairy treehugging hippie, angry anti-fascist, peace-pipe-smoking pacifist, shamanic medicine magician, indigenous rights activist or a shining rainbow…

We are intimately connected with and wish to support the global surge in sustainable intentional ecovillage communities.

The essence of Sylvan Sound is to enhance the sense of purpose of an artist’s music by placing it into the context of extraordinary life stories and projects. Here you will find music and videos both free and for sale, art that is purely personal or created to support a specific ecological or social project, grand collaborative pieces that support the idea of global unity, music from anywhere in the world but especially supporting local artists in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca, Mexico, where we are based. Sylvan Sound serves as an outlet for projects created in the Sylvan Sound Temple, our recording studio, sound immersion experience and musicians’ community centre.

While a Sylvan Sound artist takes personal responsibility in life and art for ecosocial change on earth, don’t expect the songs you hear to be all peace and love, Shiva and Shakti, flowers and mushrooms. We place no limitation on the artistic freedom of each artist, only on the type of artist – their intentions and life-paths – that we choose to include.

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